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GIL International Corporate Services was originally established as DBA in 1993. The company renewed its registration in 1998 in Los Angeles County California. It became incorporated in State of California under Secretary of State endorsed filling No. 2871341 on April of 2006 with its Article of Incorporation. Since its original inception the company has maintained the highest standards in its selection process for acquiring business relationships/association with industry leaders to provide them specific custom services.

We are an International Corporate Service Provider. Our primary business activities encompasses Income Tax Preparation. Our corporate management team provide support in areas of administration, quality, manufacturing operations, and distribution. We are positioned to bring onboard talented individuals and successful business concepts from every sector of our economy. Working together to promote services and products that are represented and marketed through our affiliation. We know that our success and reputation depend on achieving the results that our clients deserve and expect. We firmly believe that working closely with our clients for their financial and contractual obligations will give us the opportunity to ensure best results.

We have the highest ethics in conducting business, with strong beliefs in honesty, integrity and teamwork. With these principals we strive to educate as many individuals as possible, so that they have all the tools they need to achieve their personal satisfaction but also their financial freedom. our mission objective. Our mission is:

To achieve our internal expectations to administer proper strategic initiatives to establish a network of professionals, who shall be rewarded not only with personal satisfaction but also with financial freedom.

To become the most comprehensive corporate service provider there is. Delivering highest quality services to targeted markets. Offer our (IR) independent representatives, (BA) business associates the unique opportunity for growth, partnership. To provide through collaborative teamwork with our independent Associates and Affiliats the means (Know-How Knowledge) for individual financial freedom. Delivering current and long-term value to our partners.

Our values appear below. These five values provide guidance to help us set priorities and make decisions. They guide us as we strive to achieve our mission and vision. The values we share at GIL Intl. CSvs. Inc are extremely important to us. Our focus on values nurtures our belief that ideas count and that an individuals character is of critical importance.

GIL Intl. CSvs. Inc is an organization of the highest integrity. We operate our company based on a well-thought out set of principles. Acting consistency with these principles will always lead to our long-term success; therefore, we do not believe in compromising our principles in any situation. This philosophy leads to consistent practices and fairness to us and all our clients.

GIL Intl. CSvs. Inc is committed to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct. We work to earn the trust of our clients, independent Representatives, and shareholders by stating what we mean and meaning what we state. We conduct our business with accuracy and objectivity.

We strive to treat all of our customers, vendors, shareholders and independent Representatives in a fair and equitable manner. At GIL Intl. CSvs. Inc we do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, and the like. That is the reason for us not having applications. We do, however, reward our Independent Representatives based on performance and character. We promote respect for each individual, teamwork, and mutual support.

At GIL Intl. CSvs. Inc we endeavor to treat our clients, Independent Representatives, and Partners with respect and dignity. While we strive for openness and candor in every circumstance, we seek to find an equitable balance by including compassion in the equation. In each situation we strive to take into account all of the circumstances involved and arrive at a solution based upon our values that will be fair to all those concerned.

GIL Intl. CSvs. Inc is committed to affiliating with highly capable and motivated individuals who are committed to our values and vision. We are dedicated to excellence in whatever we do. We care about each other, the quality of our services, and above all, value the customer and Partners who support our efforts. Our culture promotes a passion for superior customer service. Our goal is to make each community a better place because we are there and have the means to do so.
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